Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights
in the Underground

"Make The Most Out of Your Entrepreneurial Dreams"

- Abe


Our co-working space at Lower Lincoln is built for founders, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to do their best work. Collaborate, attend an immersive event, network, or just crush your to-do list!

Coworking members get access to:

Exclusive networking sessions that you'll actually want to attend.

Product demonstrations and Lunch & Learns.

Content Creation workshops using the latest industry standards and trends.

...and so much more!

From Startup

to Leader


Led by industry veterans, our workshops are meticulously designed to cover the most critical aspects of startup success — from initial ideation to sustainable funding strategies.

Master the art of crafting compelling pitch decks that capture investors' attention.

Ideation sessions transforming the future through innovative solutions.

In-depth bootcamps that shape and refine resilient business models.

Intellectual property workshops to safeguard your innovation journey.


Our connections to community networks and leading universities serve as a launchpad for your startup. Get actual mentorship for your actual goals and save your seat for some high-value networking opportunities!

Gain insights from seasoned alumni and entrepreneurs in exclusive mentorship sessions.

Investor-networking events that provide direct access to potential backers.

Exclusive access to mastermind circles.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

- Abe

Innovative Succession Planning

Our mission to keep ventures local. Secure your business legacy and community impact with our comprehensive succession planning support — ensuring smooth transitions and sustained local prosperity.

Expert-led seminars on navigating business succession complexities.

Workshops spotlighting brand continuity during crucial business transitions.

Engage in a community-driven mindset, showcasing thriving local business success stories.

Tailored succession strategies preserving your business's unique ethos and values.

Access to Funding

Get your hands on that crucial funding opportunity you're seeking through strategic connections with investors and venture capitalists.

Engaging investor pitch nights tailored to your startup's unique value proposition.

Deep-dive panel discussions demystifying the intricate world of venture capital.

Proven workshops equipping you with the skills to craft winning grant proposals.

Access to our curated funding database, simplifying your funding journey.


for Success


Navigate complex challenges with ease through connections with industry experts, service providers, and professionals in essential areas.

Personalized legal clinics featuring startup-focused attorneys adept in guiding legal intricacies.

Comprehensive marketing masterclasses led by digital experts, tailored to your growth trajectory.

Customized one-on-one branding consultations for a distinct market presence.

Engage in interactive forums with leading professionals across diverse industries.


Unleash your potential through transformative workshops designed to empower participants to take over existing businesses or materialize game-changing ideas.

Unlock the art of integrating solutions into established business models.

Panels by seasoned entrepreneurs unveiling strategies to scale startups effectively.

Dive deep into real-world case studies, reimagining traditional businesses for the digital era.

Collaborate with like-minded innovators, exploring co-founder opportunities.


with Growth


Our visionary marketplace propels growth by offering comprehensive marketing and management support across a diverse range of industries.

Customized marketing strategies curated for local market positioning.

Collaborative management take-over programs for local market opportunities.

Unleash strategic marketing campaigns for local startups' impactful launches.

Strategic partnerships that align your brand with seasoned marketing and management expertise.

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